Why Do You Need A Producer?

Why have a producer, especially if you're just starting out as a recording artist and don't have a large budget like the big-name acts? Isn't it true that in this day and age, with the technology that's available, an act that's just starting out can self-produce a CD and obtain acceptable results, without the added expense that bringing in a producer would incur? The answer is that while the results might be acceptable, they will likely not be the best possible representation of what the act can sound like.

Producers are to the recording process like directors are to filming and coaches are to sports, and are just as vital. They work with the act to set the direction of the recording project. They help bring out the best possible performances out of each member of the act. If they are not also engineering, they work with the engineers to get the best possible sound out of the technology and equipment that is available in the studio. They help each member of the act work together in realizing the finished product, and works well with others.

Producers are often accomplished musicians in their own right. They often play a number of instruments, at least to the point that they understand how to coach a musician at a particular point. They also understand compositional process, arranging, and songwriting.

Producers also handle much of the footwork associated with getting the project finished. They schedule studio time, bring in studio musicians (when needed), and keep the project within the set budget. They also have a plan for each studio session, so that the session is not haphazard from the start.

To answer the original question, the answer should be clear: No matter what level in the music industry your act is in, having a producer working with you in the studio will help make you and your project sound more polished and professional - more like you want to sound.