Project Studio

Ravenslake Music Productions has available to it a project studio, located on Chicago's far North Side. It is based on a Digidesign Digi002 Rack/Pro Tools LE 8 setup, with the Music Production Toolkit 2 expansion. It is capable of 64 mono or stereo audio tracks. Originally designed for electronic music production, the studio has a number of software synthesizers available, but it also has the capability to record almost any acoustic tracks, as well. Due to its location, however, acoustic drums are not possible - this would be handled by using the Roland V-Drums available at our studio or by recording a session at another facility and bringing the session to the project studio for further work.

Because the project studio was originally designed for electronic music production, it has available to it a number of software-based synthesizers. Here's a partial list of what is currently available:

  • NI Reaktor 5
  • NI Battery 3
  • NI FM8
  • NI B4 II
  • M-Audio impOSCar
  • M-Audio M-Tron
  • Arturia Moog Modular V
  • Steinburg Plex
  • Digidesign Xpand!
  • Digidesign Hybrid
  • The Waldorf Edition (PPG 2.V, Attack, D-Pole)

Here is a list of the instruments available in the studio:

We have available the Waves Gold Native package for effects processing, as well as other compressors, EQs, and delays. We also have the Antares Auto-Tune Evo plug-in for pitch correction. Note that these lists are currently under expansion.