This is a sample of projects that have been completed by Ravenslake Music Productions,
with comments by the artists with which we have worked.

Artist/Comments Songs
Toyboat Roman Wall Blues

John C. Wiseman Coraline
Seven Angels (for Columbia)
I have known David Stowell for the better part of three decades now, and he seems to have an instinctual feel for what's going to make a piece of music sound good. He has experience in dealing with a number of different styles - electronic, progressive, straight-ahead rock, acoustic, and more. I'm very pleased with the sound of my first solo effort, largely because of his expertise. I have no trouble at all recommending his services to other musicians.

Curt A. Kessler (Black Velvet Band) Here Am I
You Are My God
I've had the privilege of working with Mr. Stowell since we first met in 1983, first as a fellow musician, then as songwriter, arranger and, most importantly, valued friend. Our most recent project together (a contemporary worship CD), although both logistically and professionally challenging on many levels, has become complete only through his efforts as producer, engineer and adviser. Throughout, his professionalism, knowledge and words of encouragement have proved invaluable and an absolute necessity to its successful completion. I highly recommend his services, and am happy to act as a reference.

Lucas Conner (The Feramoans) Here And Now
David was a pleasure to work with - professional, knowledgeable, and catering to the artist. I highly recommend him.